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I am a Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor of Teaching) in the Department of Atmospheric and Earth Science, University of Alabama Huntsville. My research contributes to the understanding of climate change from quantification of glacier melt and dynamics using satellite remote sensing and mathematical approaches. The primary goal of my work is understanding mass loss rates (sea-level estimates) using a combination of satellite remote sensing and numerical modeling. I have developed an unique glacier-climate model, in which I use satellite gravity measurements from GRACE satellites to determine the ice melt rates from Arctic glaciers, and estimate the contribution of ice melt in terms of sea-level rates until 2100 under CMIP5 and CMIP6 climate scenarios.
Another part of my work deals with the development and analysis of long-term (temporal) ice-flow movements (glacier dynamics) from repeat satellite images. Based on my background in remote sensing, I enjoy processing datasets from different satellites that includes the optical (Landsat, ASTER), SAR (ERS, EnviSAT, Sentinel-1) and gravimetry (GRACE). From high spatial and temporal resolution of glacier velocities, my research investigates the role of topography and climate in the ice flow movements from glaciers.
My interests are inclined towards Arctic and mountain (High Mountain Asia) glaciers for two known reasons: There are relatively small compared to the ice sheets, but are highly sensitive to climate change given the polar amplification. And, they are the hotspots of global warming. Therefore, my research objectives are categorized into the following broad topics,
(i) Estimating glacier mass loss and dynamics using remote sensing satellites.
(ii) Projections of glacier mass loss (sea-level rates) until 2100.
(iii) Understanding the relationship between climate and topography with glacier changes.


Dec 2022 - Co-hosted a AGU session ED55A ‘Advancing Community, Equity, and Inclusion in the Polar and Alpine Sciences’, AGU Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL.
Presented a talk ‘ 'Progress and challenges by early career polar scientists (USAPECS) in addressing inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility'
Nov 2022 - PSECCO travel grant to attend AGU Fall Meeting 2022.
Sept 2022 - Started as a Lecturer, University of Alabama Huntsville.